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Avanti Power Smith Machine

Avanti Power Smith Machine

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The Encore ES3000 Multi-Gym is four stations offer at least 8 workout modes allowing multiple users to workout simultaneously and is the one and only 4 Station gym that can be installed into a room corner rather than taking a big centre floor space.

Adjustable bench allows you to go from chest press to shoulder press. Lat Pulldown and seated Row pulleys for a solid back workout and leg extension/leg curl machine for the legs. There is also an optional Hi/Lo pulley attachment for many more exercises.


Power Rack
Heavy duty linear bearing smith system with 7 degree angle
Adjustable self-spotters on the gun rack and the smith system
16 lockout positions for both weight bar and spotter
Lat pull down pulley
Seated row pulley with bracing bar
Pec deck
8 storage arms for Olympic sized plates

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The Avanti Power Smith machine is perfect for those wanting to push themselves to their limits,safely. The heavy grade linear bearing gym with precision machined solid steel guide rods is built to last. The linear bearings ensure every rep is smooth, and will not dig into the guide rods, unlike cheaper inferior smith machines. Users enjoy a wide variety of exercises to work every part of the body from the one machine. The Avanti Power Smith is designed to handle countless repetitions if you can! The Avanti Power Smith Machine comes complete with a linear bearing smith machine allowing user to safely max out. A Power rack forusers to use a free weight barbell for many popular exercises such as squats, bench press and shoulder press, where you can safely return the barbell to the frame at many different levels, with spotter bars just in case. The Pec Dec will isolate and engage your chest muscles, Lat Pulldown gives a full stretch and combines with the lower pulley/ Seated Row to target Back and Biceps. The Avanti Power Smith Machine is angled at 7 degrees to ensure correct posture when using the fixed Olympic bar for bench and shoulder press.Compatible with all Olympic Weight plates, this is the perfect setup for your home. This unit can even store all of your weights on its eight Olympic sized arms. Use in conjunction with the Avanti FID Bench Compatible with: Avanti FID BENCH
  • Weight 480 lbs
    Dimensions 83 × 76 × 91 in



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