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The workout is so efficient that in 30 minutes you can do a full body workout, both cardiovascular and strength conditioning, it answers the question I only have 30 minutes to workout so what can I do to get the best results? I absolutely recommend it!
After comparing initial testing results pre and post for both groups, the CardioGym Training Group (CG6) significantly improved fitness over the Aerobic Training Group (Ellipticals and Treadmills) in almost all categories for the same time spent in exercise. In this study, the CardioGym produced results that were not only aerobically superior, but also much better in terms of weight loss, body composition and strength improvement.
We are loving the Booty Builder! It is a great piece of equipment.
Biggest muscle in the human body. Key to athletic performance. Preliminary studies show that it also improves self-confidence and social life... who knows... What I do know is that the Booty Builder kicked mine in a big way!!!
Trainer / Coach
My Booty Builder arrived, and I couldn't be more in love with it!! Thank you so much for inventing the best booty product to date!!
My husband and I have used a different brand of these manual treadmills at the gym and been really happy with the workout they give you!! My husband has developed Alzheimers and needed just such a machine that he doesn't have any confusing buttons to push, goes at his rate, and stops when he does This is PERFECT. Even for me- no adjusting speed buttons up or down & waiting for a machine belt to respond.. THIS ONE (IN10CT HealthRunner) responds to ME... seamlessly adjusting to MY rate changes. I put-off buying one because of price but finally realized we cant get to the gym often, and if I have learned nothing else its when you find gear you like, spend the $ on quality - you won’t regret it. I WAS worried, but all worry vanished when it arrived. Even the quality of the packaging was first-rate - no chance of damage in-transit! And, the instructions to put it together were the clearest I have EVER seen. I'm 61 and was able to follow them & put it together - hardware & even tools come with it. I could not be happier with the quality and performance of this treadmill - it’s even a LOT quieter than the ones at the gym! Get one and enjoy - whether for a power-walk, jog, or all-out hard run it will not disappoint.
Worth every penny. Feels like I’m walking, jogging or sprinting outside.