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IN10CT Health Runner Treadmill

IN10CT Health Runner Treadmill

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IN10CT Health Runner curved manual treadmill provides the most natural run a treadmill can give.
Run at your own pace with better results burning up to 30% more calories than you get from traditional motorized treadmills, as well as a better running technique.

Ideal for HIIT training as you are the motor and can change the speed at your own IN10CT.
Compact design and easy to move with transport wheels make this commercial grade treadmill ideal for the gym, office or home.

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IN10CT (Intensity) HEALTHRUNNER has a unique dual bearing system making it easier to transition from walking to running. Run at your own pace with better results burning up to 30% more calories than you get from traditional motorized treadmills, as well as a better running technique. Ideal for HIIT training as you are the motor and can change the speed at your own intensity or for distance runners who want to put the miles into their legs without the hard impact of the unforgiving road. Transport wheels and compact design makes it easy to move around and use the IN10CT anywhere, with no electrical power required.
  • Weight 150 lbs
    Dimensions 190 × 100 × 66 in



  • 11 reviews for IN10CT Health Runner Treadmill

    1. Bay

      You need two very strong people to bring all the equipment parts in the house. We have finished basement, but we felt the basement ceiling (7′) is not quite high enough (my husband being 6′-2″ tall) to install the equipment, so we ended up putting it on the main floor. It fits very nicely there. I am a senior female, and managed to assemble it in less than 30 min with help of my husband holding some parts for me. We are delighted with this treadmill. We can get very effective workout at home. We both cancelled gym memberships now. It’s first rate.

    2. Katya Abbas

      Delivery was very inconvenient. If you live in an apartment, notify the delivery calling agent that you require 2 people to drop off the item to your apartment door step and that they must take the wooden pallette away. Luckily, I had someone to help me with this 600lbs item, but if it was just me, I wouldn’t have been able to put it in the elevator and push it to my door, I’m a 5.2′ lady with a small frame. For the price, delivery should be more appealing and accommodating.
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    3. Soilworker

      Summary: Overall a great experience, feels really good running on it for long periods. I haven’t run outside since I got it. The overall quality and durability seems adequate.

      -The first day I ran it was difficult to control the speed of the belt (think of a hamster running on a wheel who loses control). Over the weeks though, I have adapted pretty well. I can usually run an easy or medium pace without concentrating too hard, much like when you drive car down the highway for an hour and realize you haven’t been paying much attention. However, I find it becomes more difficult if I am trying to make slight alterations to maintain an exact pace. It Is a skill that I am still learning. However, overall, I don’t feel like it is more mentally taxing than running outside because many external stimuli have been eliminated (e.g., cars, pedestrians, terrain changes).

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    4. Gooch

      Reviewed in the United States on January 25, 2019
      I don’t own this treadmill, but there is one at my gym and it’s awesome. I’m a bigger guy at 225 lbs and I knock out 2 miles of sprints 3 days a week with no leg pain. Smooth track, good shock absorption and very easy to use.

      NOTE: I recommend you use a progression with any curved treadmill until you get the hang of it.

      Haven’t figured out to change the screen it MPH v Km/h
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    5. Jony

      Best treadmill ever. Great for sprinting and building stamina. Good investment

    6. HW

      Solid and effective! I’d recommend it.

    7. NERS

      Best treadmill ever! Very sturdy and can handle fast speeds and heavier weight. On the expensive side, but worth it. You need to have a large area for it.
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    8. Norman Sainz

      Worth every penny. Feels like im walking, jogging or sprinting outside.
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    9. Amazon Customer

      Awesome treadmill. I like this much more than the assault runner, the curve is less intense and much easier on my Achilles.

    10. Alex

      My husband and I have used a different brand of these manual treadmills at the gym and been really happy with the workout they give you!! My husband has developed Alzheimers and needed just such a machine that he doesn’t have any confusing buttons to push, goes at his rate, and stops when he does. This is PERFECT. Even for me- no adjusting speed buttons up or down & waiting for a machine belt to respond.. THIS ONE responds to ME… seamlessly adjusting to MY rate changes. I put-off buying one because of price but finally realized we cant get to the gym often, and if I have learned nothing else its when you find gear you like, spend the $ on quality – you wont regret it. I WAS worried, but all worry vanished when it arrived. Even the quality of the packaging was first-rate – no chance of damage in-transit! And, the instructions to put it together were the clearest I have EVER seen. I’m 61 and was able to follow them & put it together – hardware & even tools come with it. I couldn’t be happier with the quality and performance of this treadmill – its even a LOT quieter than the ones at the gym! GFet one and enjoy – whether for a power-walk, jog, or all-out hard run it will not disappoint.

    11. Norman Sainz

      Worth every penny. Feels like I’m walking, jogging or sprinting outside.

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