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Encore 9030 Functional Trainer

The Encore ES9030 twin weight stacks and adjustable pulley positions allow for a wide range of movement and training options. Included with the Trainer are a range of cable attachments and a chin up bar at the top of the unit along with an exercise instruction guide on the machine frame for ease of use.

Encore ES3000 4 Way Multi Gym

The Encore ES3000 Multi-Gym is four stations offer at least 8 workout modes allowing multiple users to workout simultaneously and is the one and only 4 Station gym that can be installed into a room corner rather than taking a big centre floor space.

Adjustable bench allows you to go from chest press to shoulder press. Lat Pulldown and seated Row pulleys for a solid back workout and leg extension/leg curl machine for the legs. There is also an optional Hi/Lo pulley attachment for many more exercises.

Encore ES7011 Flat / Incline Bench

Encore ES7011 Flat/Incline Bench sturdy, heavy duty frame, has exceptional cushioning and a sleek finish. Multiposition adjustment satisfies various exercise demands. Foldable and transportable unit for saving space.
Use in conjunction with the Encore 9030 Functional Trainer