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10 April, 2020

Important things you should know when purchasing a Home Gym!

Variation is key, make sure your gym offers a good range of exercises so you can vary your workouts, not just to stop you from getting bored but also to avoid plateauing where you are no longer getting results.

You also want a gym that offers a smooth as silk action on all its exercises. This can vary hugely due to the quality of bearings, pulleys and cables used on the machine and even the makeup of the weights, avoid plastic!
Or in the case of a smith machine you want quality linear bearings that glide up and down the rails in comparison to over just bushes which can cause a grabbing/sticking motion.

Make sure you get a full stretch or extension with each exercise, you don’t want to get on and realize that your arms don’t fully extend when doing a lat pulldown or when doing a bench press the bench does not come back far enough to really stretch the chest muscles.
A good gym will have plenty of adjustments such as height adjustments in the seat and angle adjustments on the bench press bar, we are not all the same body shapes and sizes so a gym that doesn’t have adjustments is definitely not going to suit everyone.

You need to get a gym you can grow into and not out grow, no use getting a gym that you will outgrow after just 6 months of training, you really need a minimum 200lb/100kg weight stack.

Functional training machines are popular as you move within what your own body allows rather than being restricted to the machine; these are gyms which are more adjustable pulley and cable.