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How important is Cardio Exercise?

The most common and highly sought-after benefit of cardio exercise is weight loss and burning calories is how this is achieved. The benefits of cardio are far too high to simply be shrugged off or dismissed due to time constraints.

Buy Fitness Equipment – Smarter Shopping

Knowing your goals will aid you in purchasing the right piece of fitness equipment. Be realistic while setting your goals. Don’t buy a piece of equipment for cardio like a treadmill, if your primary goal is to build muscle.

What is Functional Training?

Much attention has been given to the concept of functional training over the last several years. It seems however that while many personal trainers market themselves as functional training experts they may often miss the point when it comes to actually applying the concepts effectively.

LA Lakers add CardioGym CG6 to their training routine

LA Lakers star JaVale McGee at 7ft and with his massive wing span still gets an ultimate total body workout on the CG6! Nothing works the heart harder then when your legs are pushing up hill and your upper body is working weights at the same time. LA Lakers introduced the CG6 to simulate total body fatigue. When we play sports we don’t use just half the body so when we train we need to do the same.

Steve Harvey working out on his CG6 at home

Steve Harvey one of the busiest people in television with 5 current television shows doesn’t have a lot of spare time throughout the day. The CG6 offers him a total body express workout and is ideal for his busy lifestyle!