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  • Avanti Power Cage

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    Avanti Power Cage


    The Avanti Power Cage is a great piece of equipment for those who are focused on strength and power training. Various exercises can be performed safely with the adjustable safety catch system, such as squats, bench press and shoulder press when used in conjunction with Avanti FID Bench. Also included Chin up bar for chin ups. Lats, biceps, arms, lower back can also be worked when Lat pulldown option is added. Lat pull down shown is not included but optional.

  • Encore 9030 Functional Trainer

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    Encore 9030 Functional Trainer

    Home Gyms

    The Encore ES9030 twin weight stacks and adjustable pulley positions allow for a wide range of movement and training options. Included with the Trainer are a range of cable attachments and a chin up bar at the top of the unit along with an exercise instruction guide on the machine frame for ease of use.

  • Encore ES3000 4 Way Multi Gym

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    Encore ES3000 4 Way Multi Gym

    Home Gyms

    The Encore ES3000 Multi-Gym is four stations offer at least 8 workout modes allowing multiple users to workout simultaneously and is the one and only 4 Station gym that can be installed into a room corner rather than taking a big centre floor space. Adjustable bench allows you to go from chest press to shoulder press. Lat Pulldown and seated Row pulleys for a solid back workout and leg extension/leg curl machine for the legs. There is also an optional Hi/Lo pulley attachment for many more exercises.

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